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PETITION SEEKING INVESTIGATION of Water Poisoning of FL St. Johns River by Koch Brothers

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Florida attorney at law – Steven Medina – is working a Florida water poisoning case, pro bono. As is remarked upon in a thread at Democratic Underground (linking to a DailyKos posting) – that states;

We have learned recently that Florida Governor *Rick “Fifth Amendment” Scott is, how shall we say, ethically-challenged. Actually, that has been known for a long time, but who’s counting the past, this is Florida, land of forgiveness, opportunity, and no state income tax! Give them your relaxed, your wealthy, your huddled plutocrats yearning to breathe free. Put your wretched refuse beneath their teaming shores. Send these, the multi-homed, tempest-tossed, to them: Their elected officials snuff out their lamp beside the golden door.
You may know Florida’s immediately past commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement seems to have been given the heave ho by Governor Scott not only for patently political reasons but without particular attention to Florida law.… (In Florida, if you are Governor Scott, perhaps you would not want an FDLE commissioner who actually investigates things, especially potential white collar crimes involving public corruption.)

Meanwhile, you probably don’t know that, for the past two years, thanks to Governor Scott, a veritable fountainhead of toxic waste has been directly dumped every day into the heart of “Florida’s American Heritage River,”… the St. Johns. As discussed below, it is released through what is contended in a legal action to be an illegally-approved pipeline, the circumstances of which Governor Scott, as the current chairperson of Florida’s Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, refuses to investigate.

To investigate these circumstances would be to investigate the highly questionable actions of yet another state agency, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. These actions in turn reach back into the Jeb Bush administration (1999-2007), when then Governor Bush and the Florida Cabinet, over the objection of then Attorney General Charlie Crist, gave preliminary approval for a Georgia-Pacific pipeline from its Palatka paper mill to the St. Johns River.

Poisoning Profitably

Items apropos to St. Johns River

We see it all around U.S. (and the world) and we are like spell bound children looking upon our first lightning storm; in awe at the impending doom coming straight at U.S.

If you care to join the fight, then please sign the PETITION a Criminal Investigation of Governor Rick Scott’s give away of land (and poisoning water rights) to the Koch brothers.

Here’s a link (Kock Brother’s Rick Scott Scandal) to the DU thread by our veteran ‘eridani’ – with some more links to the DailyKos earlier piece by Leslie Salzillo (shame more of us here at DU aren’t paying attention).

There’s also a Scribd link (HERE) by attorney Steve Medina, who put up his filings for all to see.

Thank you Mr. Medina, DailyKos Leslie Salzillo and our own eridani – for bringing this troubling matter to our attention.

Wouldn’t it be nice to nail these turds upon our world – before the election!

I’m just sayin…….. (and wishin….)